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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build this?

We feel it's beyond wanted but needed by consumers. Everywhere we go we hear things like "I've got 500 channels, and nothing to watch" or "I spend forever browsing Netflix but can't find anything new I actually want to see" - but the real problem isn't the content, it's the discovery. We want to "reboot" discovery for people, help connect them with the shows they might actually be interested in, but just can't find.

What do you mean by "hyper-personalized"?

NextGuide isn't about channels or times, it's about you and your interests. For example, if you live in San Francisco, like Coldplay and Bill Murray, and are a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, shows that feature any of those things are probably more interesting to you. NextGuide is designed to connect you to your personal interests, and find, for example, the episode of Anthony Bourdain in San Francisco, a live Coldplay concert on MTV, an appearance of Bill Murray on Letterman, or a replay of the Steelers winning the Superbowl. It's time to forget the grid, and focus on the shows.

What platforms does NextGuide support?

At present, we are solely focused on the iPad.

What service providers does NextGuide work with?

For Live TV: all North American TV services, including over the air (OTA) broadcasts. For iPad: Hulu Plus, Netflix, iTunes, and others.

What can I search for in NextGuide?

Anything you want, but obviously TV shows and movies. But there's much more to it than that. We designed the app to be searched - a lot. Search for a hobby (poker, knitting), a sport (hockey, curling), a team (Steelers, Canadiens), an individual (Stephen King, Lance Armstrong), a band or artist (Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen), a city (San Francisco, New York), an actor or actress (Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway), or anything else you can dream up. Then, a single tap later, save your search and get automatically alerted next time it airs.

How can I be alerted when new shows match my interests?

Yes, just search for an interest, then tap "Save as Category", then turn on Alerts. From that point on, you'll get alerts no more than once per day letting you know about new shows that match your interests.

How come I don't always see Alerts?

First, make sure you have Push Notifications Enabled for NextGuide. If enabled, then you might not be seeing alerts if either (1) you don't have any/enough set, or (2) you happen to check in the 5 minutes per day we prep new alerts, in which case just try again a few minutes later.

Why am I not seeing any results for a category?

Check to see if you've turned on any filters, such as only showing Movies or New Episodes, or disabled a TV source like Live TV. If those are set properly, then you might be looking at a category with a really narrow set of results that aren't lining up to the timeframe you are checking for.

I searched for something that I know is on TV, but found no results?

Check to see if you've turned on any filters, such as only showing Movies or New Episodes, or disabled a TV source like Live TV. Also, you may have hidden the channel the show is on, which you can easily restore in your Settings. Lastly, we only have live TV guide data for 7 days, so if you are searching for something not airing within a week or so, you might not find any results.

How do I find Settings?

Tap on your picture in the upper left hand corner of the app, then tap on the "gear" icon on your personal profile page.

How do I find my friends in the app?

Go to Settings, then tap Find Friends.

What does NextGuide share on Facebook?

NextGuide never shares anything without you choosing to share it. You can tap to Share a TV show or movie you are looking at, which will post to your Facebook Wall. Alternately, you can turn ON Social Sharing, which will automatically add anything you mark Watched or Favorite to your Facebook Wall as well. You can change your social settings at any time in the Settings, Social screen.

Why does NextGuide want to connect to Facebook?

Mostly to help make better recommendations for you. Many of your Facebook friends have "Liked" dozens of TV shows and movies, but when was the last time you looked at a friend's page of Likes?

Right, never, just like us. So we take your friends Likes and turn them into something visual and browsable and, frankly, useful. Additionally, we are able to import all of your Likes and turn them into Interests within NextGuide, giving you a seamless way to get recommendations about 15 seconds after launching the app.

Can I add Facebook to my account later?

Sure, just create a NextGuide account during setup, and at any later point tap on Settings, then Social, then hit Connect to Facebook.

How come there are no images for a show sometimes?

Our images are sourced through a variety of service providers, and occasionally one slips through the cracks (technically speaking the floppy disk that contained the file accidentally got put into the VCR, which wasn't good for anybody really).

How do I remove or hide a show I don't want to see anymore?

Just like browsing apps on your iPad, you tap and hold on a show, then hit the little "X" that appears in the corner. You can unhide a show in your Settings screen.

Can I get alerts for shows streaming on Netflix or other services?

Not just yet, but we love the idea.

Can I use NextGuide without Facebook?

Of course! You can use the app completely anonymously, or have a NextGuide account for personalization features. You can always do a Facebook Connect later if you'd like.

How can I get alerts for shows I want to watch?

Tap on any show you like, then hit the "Remind Me" button to set reminders. They'll come 30 minutes before your episode airs.

Can I use NextGuide to control my DVR?

At present NextGuide is able to book recordings on DIRECTV DVRs.

Why are some images bigger than others?

Different sized tiles in the NextGuide interface reflect differing types of recommendations, but there are many factors to affect this. So you might see the same show appear small-sized, then large-sized in a different view. Don't get too stressed about it.

Is there adult content in NextGuide?


Is there YouTube or other streaming videos in NextGuide?

Not at present.

How are Your Picks determined?

Your Picks are determined by: Popularity, Interest match, Friend Likes, Alerts, Reminders, current barometric pressure, and some migratory patterns of birds across the Serengeti. But mostly the first few...

How do I add genres, such as Comedy, Drama, etc?

Go to Settings, then tap Categories.

How do I remove or reorder categories or genres?

On the category bar (tap the Search icon to see it), tap and hold on a category to then be able to drag it down (removing it) or left and right (reordering it).

If I remove a genre, can I get it back?

Yes, go to Settings then tap Categories and drag it back into the top area.

How do I set up Your Channels?

Go to Settings, then TV Options.

Can I browse NextGuide by channel instead of category?

Sure, just tap on the Search icon to display the category bar, then tap the CH button to view by channel instead. Tap CH again to return to category browsing.

How do I hide or reorder a channel?

On the category bar (tap the Search icon to see it), tap the "CH" button to view the channels. Then tap and hold on a channel to then be able to drag it down (removing it) or left and right (reordering it).

What happens if I hide a channel?

All the shows that air on that channel are hidden as well, including from search results.

Can I hide my profile from other NextGuide users?

Yes, just go to Settings, then tap Social and hit Hide Profile in NextGuide.

How do you determine which Facebook friend's picture to show in the guide results?

Whichever friend has most recently Liked that show is displayed in the guide.

Why are there shows or channels missing from the guide?

Probably because you hid them. You can find your hidden shows and channels in Settings.

What happens when I favorite a show?

That show will get used for more recommendations for you. Further, any friends following your activity inside NextGuide will see that show in their social recommendations.

Why is there a "Mark Watched" button?

This feature is helpful for anyone who loses track of which episode they're on for a show - especially handy for anyone watching "catch-up" TV on streaming or On-Demand services.

Is NextGuide compatible with the Griffin Beacon?

No, the NextGuide app has no device requirements other than an iPad