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Tired of seeing the same old startups? Joining "the Foursquare for Farmers" or "Angry Birds With a Twist" or "Cloud-Enabled Social Chat for Seniors" doesn't get you excited? Well, it's not on TechMeme every day, but the $500 billion TV industry is about to get the wind knocked out of it. The Future of TV is coming, it's coming soon, and it's going to be enormous. Oh, and it's a ton of fun to be a part of. Want to join?

At Dijit, our vision is the Next REALLY Big Thing is TV. It's an enormous industry that has largely been unaffected by the disruptive force of the internet. So far. As we've seen with books, newspapers, music, and countless other examples, there is no way for incumbents to prevent the disruptive force of the internet from ripping through their "safe" ecosystems. In every case, in its wake it leaves the next generation of tech giants, and is thus a massive opportunity for startups.

Why do we believe we've got the timing right? There are a number of forces at play: 1) internet is now a viable distribution platform for hi-def video, 2) the "coming of age" of the connected living room--over 40% of TVs sold today have WiFi built-in, and 3) liberalization of premium video content from the chokehold of traditional Pay TV operator monopolies.

Our team has a lot of relevant experience (Sling Media, Boxee, Clicker, VUDU, Rovi) and our VCs are been behind a few household names in the space (TiVo, Sonos) as well.

If this piques your interest and you are an engineer seeking to work on one of the most exciting, cutting edge projects on iOS and server-side programming, please send us a note. We look forward to hearing from you!

iOS Engineer

Desired Skills & Experience

  • High-caliber proficiency in iOS and Objective C
  • Familiarity with JSON and REST-based APIs
  • Strong software engineering skills, can design and implement software projects from the ground up
  • Strong knowledge of MVC, OOP, memory management and multi-threading
  • Experience with working with UX designers to make pixel-perfect UI
  • Experience with social applications and highly distributed mobile apps
  • Fluency in Git source control management
  • A quick learner who is not afraid to expand into areas out of her comfort zone

Nice to Have

  • Computer Science Degree or equivalent
  • A proven track record of building and designing iOS applications now in the AppStore
  • Familiarity with server-side programming (Ruby on Rails, Java, Linux, MySQL)

Back-End Engineer

Desired Skills & Experience

  • In short, a web application superstar
  • Indepth knowledge and experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Proficiency in Java and/or C++, OOP is your bread and butter
  • Client-side scripting skills with JavaScript and JSON
  • Can write elegant hand-written, pixel-perfect HTML5/CSS based on an interface design spec
  • Experience in designing RESTful web services
  • Can write MySQL queries in a single-bound
  • Fluency in Git source control management
  • A quick learner who is not afraid to expand into areas out of her comfort zone

Nice to Have

  • Computer Science Degree or equivalent
  • Experience with cloud-based hosting services (Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Linode, etc)
  • Experience with scaling, database sharding, caching strategies for performance
  • Intimate knowledge of Linux, like to get your hands dirty in the command line terminal
  • Have a desire to keep web services running 24/7, 365 days a week with 100% uptime
  • Experience with iOS and Objective C

Company Description

Dijit Media is a startup transforming the way people discover and experience TV shows and movies. Dijit’s newest product is NextGuide, a hyper-personalized TV listings guide designed specifically for the iPad™. The company’s first app, launched in 2011, was the Dijit Remote - the top-rated iOS remote control app, which also powers the experience for the Griffin Beacon iOS accessory. The company is venture-backed, based in San Francisco and is helmed by a team of serial entrepreneurs including TV technology industry veterans Jeremy Toeman and Adam Burg, as well as Stanford alum Thomas Quinto.

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